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Yıldız Pumps are used in many different application areas, it is not very accurate to mention one general periodic maintenance defined for all pumps. Depending on the application area in which the pump is used, the end user must designate a maintenance process interval for periodic maintenance.  the length of the working time of the pump con only be determined by experience. The pump must be checked for maintenance shortly after first starting.  The next maintenance time can be a little longer. In this way, the end user can designate a maintenance frequency for her/his  application area. In general the following checks can be made.

Daily Controls;

  • Check the bushing temperatures.
  • Check the water entering in the lubrication oil and the oil color.
  • Check the oil leaks at the lip seal
  • Check the seals.
  • Check the temperature of the cooling system.
  • Check the cavitation and the noise in the bushings.
  • Check the amper of motor and main voltage.


Monthly Controls;

  • Add oil to the bushings (If necessary)
  • Clean the oil gauge and filler plugs.
  • Set the oil level to the required position.
  • Take out the coupling guard and check the shaft and other equipments.
  • Check alignment (coupling adjustment).


2 Year Controls;

  • Check the condition by operating the pump (If it is a spare)
  • Apply corrosion inhibitor to treated surfaces.
  • Clean pump auxiliary equipment (valves, lubrication equipment etc.)
  • Disassemble the coupling to examine the tires and abrasions and replace them if necessary.
  • Check alignment (coupling adjustment)
  • Check the axial movement of pump and motor shaft.
  • Disassemble the auxilary equipment and examine its condition.
  • Disassemble the pump to genarel review.
  • Replace with new ones if necessary.

– Bearings

– Gears

– Bushings