These pumps operates according to the same principle of gear pumps’. Pump shaft transmits circular movement with its own gear (driving) to the other gear (driven) in opposite rotation direction. During suction, liquid fills gaps between gears’ teeth. While in discharge, due to mashing between teeth of both gears rotation forces the liquid outside of outlet port.

Corrosive and low volumes could be transferred in short time. Reliability is provided thanks to pumps compact design.

Q : 1 – 7 m³/h
Hm : 1 ~ 30 Bar
T : 0 ~ 100 ºC
n : 50 – 1500 rpm
Visc. : 100 ~ 2.500 SSU


  • Fuel Oil Service Tanks, Gas Oil, Diesel-fuel Tanks.
  • On a small scale hot oil circulations
  • Half viscose liquids of industry are on pumping process
  • Paint Industry
  • Ship Sector


  • Pump Body and covers: Cast iron, steel cast, stainless AISI 304 / 316 cast.
  • Gears: Steel, stainless steel AISI 304 / AISI 316.
  • Bearings: Snbz 12 bronze, bearing, carbon graphite, Ina bushing bearing.
  • Sealing: Soft seal, mechanical seal, lip seal


In this picture, liquid is illustrated while filling suction port and gaps between gears’ teeth. Black arrows shows rotation direction and forwarding of the liquid.

As shown, transferring of the liquid is done by casing and gears within it. Liquid is not passing in between gears.

This picture shows the situation of the liquid filling pump inner side and just right before passing to discharge area. Pay attention how driving and driven gears guarantees volume control and a closed area for the liquid.

Picture here shows liquid discharge process and forwarding. Pressure gained due to meshing for teeth forces the liquid to the outlet port.




YILDIZ type pumps rotate clockwise when observed from coupling side. This direction is demonstrated with an arrow label placed on pump. By running for a very short period, pump rotation direction should be checked for following direction of the arrow.

YILDIZ type pumps can be operated in revert direction. In case of having bypass, direction of bypass should be reverted as well if the pump to operate in revert direction.