As Yıldız Pompa, we produce internal eccentric gear pumps, magnetic coupling pumps, modular gear pumps, helical gear pumps, vane pumps, screw pumps, and lobe pumps that play a significant role in the transfer of viscous and semi-viscous fluids, which are of great interest to the industry. With our expert team and years of experience, our gear pumps are used in sectors such as Abrasives, Adhesives and Fillers, Agricultural Products, Asphalt (Bitumen), Biodiesel, Beverages, Chemicals, Chocolate, Ethanol, Oils, Fiber, Food, Fuels and Fuel Oils, Lubrication, OEM Applications, Petroleum Production, Petroleum Refining, Paints and Coatings, Personal Care Products, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Polymers, Polyurethane Foam, Printing Inks, Paper, Cooling, Rubber, Soaps and Detergents, Sugar, etc.

By conducting production activities in modern R&D laboratories and modern technological conditions, we act as a locomotive for the main sectors where our products are utilized. We strengthen the country’s economy by providing increased movement and employment in significant industrial sectors targeted for production.

As Yıldız Pompa, with our experienced expert team in production and sales, our capacity to manufacture all types of gear pumps needed by our industry, quality production, excellent craftsmanship, reliable service standards, on-time delivery, and post-sales support, we quickly achieved leadership in our field in Turkey. Additionally, with our competitive prices and pump production that meets European standards, we serve customers from different nations worldwide.

We employ 50 personnel, all of whom are well-trained and qualified machine operators and assembly technicians. Eight engineers also support production. Our indoor area is approximately 5000 m². During the product design phases, careful R&D work is done using 3D programs. In production, we use high-tech machines and CAM programs, such as CE-Axis CNC Lathes, Horizontal Machining Centers, and Vertical Machining Centers. Our annual production is approximately 3,500 pumps. We produce according to ISO 9001 standards, and our products are CE certified. Numerous pumps operate successfully in both Turkish and global industries. It is impossible to list our long reference list here, but we can provide our entire reference list upon special request to interested parties.

Yıldız Pompa Tuzla fabrika görüntüsü



First Step into Pump Manufacturing

Our founder Veli Öztürk started manufacturing pumps in these years. His experience increased day by day, providing solutions to challenging situations in many facilities.

Production and Technical Service

Solving the problems of many imported products became much easier.

Service to Every Corner of Turkey

We expanded the sectors we served and began reaching every corner of Turkey.


We continued to serve the industry under the name Yıldız Pompa, and with years of experience, we started to make our strength known to the world. We began exporting the models that were previously imported. New projects were undertaken based on user demands; we started producing large pumps and lobe pumps.

New Solutions

By solving the problems and demands from our customers, we completed the designs of magnetic coupling internal eccentric gear pumps and started production.

New Factory

We outgrew our old facilities and moved to a new factory. By further expanding and increasing our production volume, we widened our service network worldwide.

Screw Pumps

We started R&D studies on screw pumps to provide solutions to the needs of the industry.

New Productions

Once again, based on our customers’ needs and demands, we started designing and then producing magnetic coupling modular gear pumps. Our constant search for solutions to our customers’ problems, R&D activities, designs, and productions continue at full speed without interruption.